11 Meter Cluster Network

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11 Meter Cluster Network

Post by 29lr001 » Sun May 06, 2018 12:01 pm

The 11 Meter Cluster Net Work.

What is The 11 Meter Cluster Net Work?.

The The 11 Meter Cluster Net Work is a network of sites
designed by a number of men from the 11 meter band.

Who are the current site's:?

The sites working for the 11 meter cluster network are

Sites the use to connect but are now gone are
DX Infos

What software works with the 11 meter network?:

Ham Radio Deluxe

How does the 11 Meter Cluster Network work?:

The Network works by sharing cluster spots with each other.
We Use DX Spider and php coding to share and collect spots from
each others sites.

How do I use the 11 meter cluster network?:

By joining any of these sites your spots are shared for other's to see.
As each site stores your call sign in their database, that is where
your logbook exists. To view your logbook visit were you spot.


The 11 meter Cluster Network is the only real Cluster on the 11 meter band.
With a combined membership of over 7500 members, here is where you can
view the very latest DX information , Activation's information and much more.

Any site working for the 11 meter Community is welcome to join us

73s Good DX


DX27 admin

patdx27 "at" gmail.com

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